Sunday, April 16, 2006


If this is indicative of the way the Ruling Party's legislative candidates are spending their money, we have little to fear in November:

While traveling toward Charleston on US 119 today, I saw a billboard for House of Delegates candidate Nancy Peoples Guthrie, who I take is a big lib--probably a socialist given her campaign advertising of being "a progressive leader"--vying for one of the 7 Democratic nominations in the 30th District. There would be nothing wrong with this billboard had I not seen it in Boone County more than 10 miles outside the district.

The 30th House district is a monster, a 7-member district encompassing almost 130,000 of Kanawha County's residents. Even the incumbents fail to attain the ideal fundraising target of $1 per constituent that I think is necessary to run a high-visibility campaign.