Tuesday, March 07, 2006

House Kills Parental Notification Bill

The House of Delegates voted 62-37 against discharging SB 519 from committee, effectively killing this bill. SB 519 would reform the law requiring parental notification before a minor may have an abortion and close a critical loophole in the law that allows waivers of this law with no judicial oversight.

While 50 of the 68 House Democrats carried a West Virginians for Life endorsement in 2004, only 5 of them kept their word on this bill, one of the most popular pieces of legislation on the pro-life agenda. All 32 Republicans and the following 5 Democrats voted for discharge:

  • Eustace Frederick, D-Mercer
  • Tom Louisos, D-Fayette
  • Tim Miley, D-Harrison
  • Sally Susman, D-Raleigh
  • Ken Tucker, D-Marshall