Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The 1st Annual Senate Awards

It's been a long 13 days since I've had something meaningful to post, so I'll let you see the 1st Annual Senate Awards courtesy of Will Stewart.


  • Unger will not be returning for an encore next year.
  • Kessler will have the good fortune of not having to face his constituency this year but will most certainly find a smaller supporting cast as those of many of his colleagues vote their displeasure with this year's performance.
  • If, as I predict, the voters of this state make their displeasure known on November 7, Governor Joe will be without the mother of all rubber stamps and will instead have to make real decisions as to whether to sign or veto (and be overridden on) real, substantive bills to do things like abolish the food tax and impose tough, mandatory prison sentences for all rapists and child molesters.
  • The remaining members of the Ruling Party will find in their first year in the minority that their minority status will not prevent votes on their bills: we will gladly entertain next year's incarnation of SB 674. 18 of the 21 Democratic senators cosponsored this bill but all voted against discharging it from the Finance Committee--whose chairman, Walt Helmick, D-Pocahontas, was among the bill's cosponsors--after Helmick refused to consider the bill in his committee.