Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mollohan Raises Only $20,000 at Charleston Fundraiser

The reelection campaign of embattled Congressman Alan Mollohan, D-Fairmont, could not have found worse news than this morning's report in Phil Kabler's political column in the Charleston Gazette that a recent fundraiser for Mollohan at the home of former state Democratic Chairman Pat Maroney raised only about $20,000.

Yes folks, that's twenty thousand dollars. I did not make a typo.

Among those in attendance at the fundraiser were Maroney, former state senators Jim Humphreys and Oshel Craigo, West Virginia Democratic National Committeewoman Marie Prezioso (sister of state Senator Roman Prezioso, D-Fairmont), former state Democratic Chairman Chuck Smith, Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper, Charleston City Councilman Harry Deitzler (who is a partner in Carper's law firm), and former West Virginia Trial Lawyers Association President Marvin Masters.

Most incumbent state senators would not want news of raising only $20,000 at a Charleston fundraiser reported in the news, much less a United States congressman. The Gazette would surely have withheld this news if the Mollohan campaign had requested it. Having done this on the heels of last week's ridiculous, baseless charges of Delegate Chris Wakim, R-Wheeling, falsifying his resume, it's clear the Mollohan campaign is floundering and has lower odds of recovery than Fidel Castro.