Thursday, September 29, 2005

Another Criminal Freed by the McGraw Majority Reoffends

Gary Abernathy is reporting the rather explosive story of yet another thug spared from a few decades in the big house by the former McGraw Majority on the state Supreme Court. The only good thing that can be said of this sad, shocking story is that Warren McGraw is no longer there with the remainder of the unholy triumvirate to set free child molesters, rapists, kidnappers, and other such pillars of society.

One piece of legislation whose need is highlighted by this sad story is to reduce the amount of "good time" credit convicts in prison can earn to reduce their sentences from 50% to 15%. Just by behaving well, a sentence is automatically cut in half. This is despite the fact West Virginia continues a parole system that allows convicts to serve only a fraction of their sentence if freed early by the Parole Board. In the federal system and in many states, only 15% of a sentence can be suspended through good time credit.