Thursday, July 21, 2005

O, Canada! Canadian Newspaper Mistakes Limbaugh Parody Ad for Real Thing

As anyone who's ever regularly listened to Rush Limbaugh knows, Rush likes to create parody ads and songs from time to time usually based on current events and play them on the show and on his Web site for subscribers to the Rush 24-7 service.

Canadian flagOne of the latest parody ads involves the Karl Rove situation and has at the end a man speaking with an eastern European accent saying, "Paid for by George Soros and travel friends of Nancy Pelosi." Click here to listen to the ad. Rush has run this for a few weeks and now, it seems, some members of the press in Canada have mistaken this parody for a real ad. In fact, the reporter of the story said that he first thought the ad "was a clever and very funny spoof on the Democrats’ feelings about Karl Rove." He should have stuck to that first impression, because it was actually true.