Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Liberals Twice Blocked Roberts Nomination to DC Circuit, Now Complain About the Lack of a Paper Trail

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The usual suspects of the left are now bemoaning the nomination of Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court because he does not have a "paper trail" indicating how he would tend to rule as a member of the nation's highest court. I for one hope that all their "fears" are well-founded; I agree wholeheartedly with a brief that he co-authored as an attorney for the Justice Department in 1990 in which it was argued that Roe v. Wade "was wrongly decided and should be overruled."

The dirty little secret behind the left's rhetoric is that they bear the responsibility for Judge Roberts not having a longer tenure on the DC Circuit. Roberts was originally nominated to the DC Circuit in 1992 by former President Bush 41 to replace Clarence Thomas when he was appointed tot he Supreme Court. The Democrats were salivating for the opportunity to retake the White House and thus denied Roberts and many other nominees a hearing and a vote. President Bush 43 nominated Roberts again in 2001, but his confirmation was derailed after Jumpin' Jim Jeffords bolted the GOP and gave the Democrats control of the Senate. Finally, after we gained control of the Senate in the 2002 election, Roberts got a hearing and was confirmed by unanimous consent in 2003.