Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Switch-Hitting Dems Busted; RNC Web Video Chronicles Formerly Hawkish Dems

Prior to the war in Iraq, Democrats in Congress couldn't get to the nearest TV camera fast enough to proclaim their support for regime change and the removal of an evil dictator universally believed to pose a danger to the world with weapons of mass destruction. I always thought the many other crimes of the Butcher of Baghdad were independently justifying of regime change, but the WMD fears proved the decisive factor for many.

Saddam Hussein had nothing directly to do with 9/11. However, in the wake of this attack on our country, we learned we could no longer afford to wait until we developed proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a clear and present danger before we act against our enemies. While this standard was not meet and no one pretended to meet it, the entire international community had reached a unanimous conclusion that Saddam Hussein did pose a threat to international peace and security with his continuing violations of the 1991 cease-fire agreement, including efforts to maintain WMD programs and support for international terrorism.

In 2002, about half the Democrats in Congress believed war and regime change in Iraq was the only responsible approach to deal with this problem. Some people--such as the French and about half the Democrats in Congress--believed that although a threat was present, war just was not the answer. The other half of congressional Democrats disagreed and stood with the President in his efforts to oust Saddam Hussein from power.

That was then. Now, these Democrats are proving to be unbelievable political opportunists and have abandoned the President and are mostly in favor of abandoning our mission of bringing a republican form of government to Iraq to replace that which we deposed 2 1/2 years ago. Today, all but 5 Senate Democrats voted for a "timetable" mandate that's nothing more than a protracted surrender that would rescue defeat from the jaws of victory. Those Senate Democrats who voted for the Iraq war but now want to cut and run in the face of softening public opinion polls in this country--which have been informed by a biased mainstream media that views this war as their opportunity to simultaneously relive both Vietnam and Watergate--are political whores who have put politics ahead of this country's national interests.

The RNC has assembled a 3-minute video chronicling the statements over time of prominent Democratic politicians concerning Iraq both then and now. I encourage you to view it.