Friday, November 11, 2005

The President Rediscovers His Mojo

The swagger is back! The George W. Bush that seemed to disappear right after last year's election returned today with a vengeance, directly confronting the nattering nabobs of negativism that have endlessly accused him & his administration of all kinds of nefarious acts regarding the Iraq war.

In a 50-minute Veteran's Day speech in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, the President reminded his critics of the body of knowledge that existed in the fall of 2002 and the need to bring freedom and representative government to the Middle East to drain the swamp that is the breeding ground for the terrorism we see today. Rush carried the final half hour of this speech live on his show. Many of the same Democrats who today allege the prewar intelligence was politically manipulated and accuse the Administration of--in the words of Teddy K, the hero of Chappiquiddick--telling us "lie after lie after lie after lie." This president is a man of honor and integrity and at least 2 independent investigations have already proven no dishonestly was committed on the part of the Administration relative to the Iraq war.

It is well worth remembering that the reasons for ousting Saddam Hussein were not limited to weapons of mass destruction. Every major intelligence service in the world independently concluded Iraq was actively pursuing WMD programs and, given the efforts Iraq was undertaking to impede UN weapons inspectors, had to be presumed to be hiding something. However, as Don Surber rightly remind us, the greatest reason for removing the Butcher of Baghdad was to install a representative government that honors the freedom & human rights of the Iraqi people and does not do the barbarous things Hussein did for years.

Now, Mr. President, have an epiphany on immigration & spending. Endorse tough border & job site immigration enforcement and call for the enactment of the Balanced Budget Amendment (HJR 58) and the Line Item Veto Amendment (HJR 71, SJR 25) to the Constitution. In 1995, the Balanced Budget Amendment passed the House of Representatives but fell one vote short of passing the Senate and being sent to the states for ratification.