Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kilgore Delivers Winning Punch in VA Governor's Race

Since this blog is targeted primarily at West Virginia, I usually do not mention issues from other states. However, our friends over in the Old Dominion will go to the polls 28 days from today to elect the 70th Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Tomorrow, however, will mark the point of no retreat from an almost certain victory by Republican Jerry Kilgore.

Kilgore has been engaged in a tight contest for most of the year with Lt. Governor Tim Kaine, Democrat. Kaine used the popularity of outgoing Governor Mark Warner to attract support. However, when it came time for Kaine to stand on his own merits, he could not withstand the scrutiny.

The fatal issue to Kaine's candidacy is his strident opposition to the death penalty and his work as the lawyer for convicted double-murderer Mark Sheppard. Kaine says he opposes the death penalty in all circumstances--not even Adolph Hitler would merit execution had he been captured alive--but also says he would not abuse the Governor's unrestricted clemency powers--the same powers had in Illinois by disgraced former Governor George Ryan, who emptied Death Row in his final days in office.

Mark Sheppard was executed in January 1999 for the November 1993 execution-style slayings of Richard and Rebecca Rosenbluth in Chesterfield County, immediately south of Richmond. Sheppard and an accomplice invaded the Rosenbluths' home, where Sheppard shot Richard Rosenbluth twice in the head and shot Rebecca Rosenbluth four times in the head and neck. Tim Kaine voluntarily took Sheppard's case.

In the ads, Kilgore features Mr. Rosenbluth's father speaking of his son and daughter-in-law. When the ads begin running tomorrow throughout the Commonwealth, the final outcome for November 8 will be settled in the minds of voters. Virginians strongly support the death penalty and will not entrust its execution to an ardent death penalty opponent. Jerry Kilgore will be the 70th Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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