Monday, August 01, 2005

Capehart Sets the Record Straight

Today's Beckley Register Herald has a story featuring state Republican Party Chairman Rob Capehart's well-thought response to the recent smear state Democratic Chairman Nick Casey made toward state Senator Russ Weeks, R-Beckley, and the Republican Party generally.

When the Dems are scared, bankrupt of ideas (or at least ideas they care to promote publicly), what else should we expect but name calling, character assassination, and appeals to class envy? I forgot to mention half-backed attempts to offer watered-down versions of the Republican program as they did this year with Worker's Compensation and tort reform. Taking our plans, dunking them under Blackwater Falls, and then promoting the resulting product as your plan isn't going to cut it. Just ask Oshel Craigo, Bill Wooton, John Mitchell, Mary Pearl Compton, Anita Caldwell, Mike Ross, or Jerry Mezzatesta.

Until we defeated Mike Ross, the Dems had many explanations for our recent gains. Oshel Craigo was a big tax and spender and shill for the poker operators; Wooton, Compton, and Mitchell were just too liberal; and Mess-atesta had too much baggage. However, when we defeated Mike Ross, that's when the Dems under the formerly gold and now prophylactic-clad dome really became fearful. Defeating Ross proved that the Dems have no protection from our eventual takeover of the Legislature even if they walk, talk, and try to look like a Republican.