Wednesday, July 27, 2005

With Eye on Polls, Byrd Becomes 60th Cosponsor of the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

Today's Washington Times reports that Senator Byrd has become the 60th cosponsor of the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, a bill long-promoted by the NRA to protect gun makers from being bankrupted by defending frivolous lawsuits over the use of guns by criminals.

Although not reported by the Times, cosponsor #59 was West Virginia's junior senator, Jay Rockefeller. Both Byrd and Rockefailure have had F ratings from the NRA in past elections and have previously opposed this bill. All I can say is refer to my earlier post, "What a Difference a Poll Makes." Rocky knows that Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito will run against him if she defers on a run against Byrd but if Shelley runs against Byrd and defeats him, then Rocky would still be in danger of someone else like Secretary of State Betty Ireland defeating him.