Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Liberals Go for the Kill Over Cheney Hunting Accident, Incensed that Small-Town TX Newspaper Gets the Story Before the WH Press Corps

We've all heard by now of Vice President Dick Cheney's tragic hunting accident on Saturday. As of this writing, the victim, Harry Whittington, continues to have a favorable prognosis for recovery.

First, the liberals were upset that this story was not immediately called in to the media even before the ambulance was called. Then, a reporter for a local newspaper in Texas got the story first. The mighty White House press corps was scooped on the story of the VP's hunting accident by a local reporter in TEXAS--TEXAS!!! Can you imagine how much disdain the Washington media have for Texas? Why, who does this scumbag down in Texas thing she is to scoop us on the big story of the week? Does she not know we're the White House press corps and all news relative to the President and VP must first go through us?

NBC White House correspondent David Gregory needs to cool his heels before he has a stroke or goes mental. He just cannot control himself at these daily press briefings. He blew a gasket when Scott McClellan told him this story is not all about David Gregory but instead about the Vice President and his injured friend.

Having been raised in West By God Virginia, it's clear some basic rules of gun and hunting safety were not followed on Saturday. However, since I was not there, I will not join the speculation into the exact course of events or apportionment of blame. Any hunter, gun owner, or someone who knows a hunter or gun owner knows that you never shoot until you're absolutely certain of what your target is and what lies beyond your target. We also know that when you're hunting with someone, you should make sure they always know your position and announce your movements before moving about.

Now, of course, the press thinks they've got Dick Cheney nailed. They think they've now got the goods and that the VP should be impeached and imprisoned for not having the proper state hunting stamp for quail. Cheney had a valid Texas hunting license and--because of an error by one of his assistants--two federal migratory bird stamps instead of a federal migratory bird stamp and a TX state quail stamp. Yes sir, the VP's paperwork error will finally get him. Riiight.

Just remember, would you rather have Dick Cheney as your hunting partner or Ted Kennedy as your chauffeur?