Thursday, January 12, 2006

Modern DNA Tests Confirm Coleman was GUILTY

New DNA tests conducted at the direction of outgoing Virginia Governor Mark Warner show executed murderer Roger Coleman is still guilty of the crime for which he was executed 14 years ago, reports the WaPo.

Coleman, a Buchanan County coal miner, was convicted in 1982 and executed in 1992 for the 1981 rape and stabbing of his sister-in-law, 19-year-old Wanda McCoy, at McCoy's home near Grundy. Coleman claimed to be innocent and became in international cause célèbre of death penalty opponents. Death penalty opponents had hoped this new test, using technology not available until recently, would disprove Coleman's guilt and call into question the death penalty in general.

Sadly, the same mainstream media that made itself a platform for the lies of this cold-blooded killer will report this news only in passing, if at all. All this happened because Roger Coleman willfully and intentionally raped and brutally stabbed to death Wanda McCoy, the only victim in this case.