Thursday, September 15, 2005

UPDATE: Fanning Vote for Expanding Food Tax Relief an "Accident," Didn't Really Want to Permit Consideration of a Full Repeal of the Food Tax

State Senator John Pat Fanning, D-McDowellState Senator John Pat Fanning, D-McDowell, who was one of 2 Democrats in the Legislature to vote against a point of order blocking consideration of Republican amendments to House Bill 401 in the recently-concluded special legislative session, now says he accidentally pressed the wrong button and intended to vote with his party's leadership, reports Gary Abernathy.

Here's the big question: If you're from the poorest county in the state, where food tax relief would have been especially helpful, and opposed a position favored by 84% of West Virginians to eliminate the food tax, and accidentally voted for full food tax relief instead of against it, why would you admit it?