Friday, August 26, 2005

By Overwhelming Margins, West Virginians Say Cut Taxes, Curb Lawsuit Abuse, Pass Right to Work Law

This week's State Journal reports on an issue-oriented poll of West Virginians conducted by Charleston-based RMS Strategies. This poll focused on the state's economy and economic policies. For conservatives, the poll's results are no real surprise.

I'll let you read the whole article if you are so inclined, but the following issues received the following levels of public support:

  • 59% say taxes are too high and should be cut.
  • Over 90% said the best way for the government to improve the state's economy was by passing laws to make the state more business friendly.
  • 73% say the state needed to pass laws that would make it harder for individuals to sue companies.
  • 75% support passing a right-to-work law.